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Beat Fever Gems Hack

Beat Fever: Music Tap Rhythm Game is a very popular upcoming mobile phone game in the whole world. It will definately going to be a leader in the music games category, and maybe also in the games general section. The greatest thing is, that this game is not 'pay to win'. Without spending money on in-app purchases you can still have a great experience in the game. You can get free gems and gold by playing the game for a long period, but this is not the fastest way to obtain those. We will talk about the beat fever hack, which can be used to generate those for free.

The importance of having Gems in the app

This game literally has an endless amount of fun. You can tap the beat to almost every popular song that is currently out there. But if you have free beat fever gems, the game unlocks a lot of new things. With these gems, you can get an unlimited amount of gold. With the amount of gold you will have, you will be able to unlock anything from the shop you want.

For example, from the shop you will be able to buy every shirt, pants, and all the other beat fever accessory you have ever wanted.

When using the beat fever generator, you can do more than just change your characters clothing. You can also get every beat monster in the game that you have ever swished for.

Who knows if you'll ever have to play against the rank 1 player, with these beat monsters you can even defeat him since you will have a way better team. This beat fever cheat makes it all possible.

The only downside of the gems is that they are very expensive. That makes it very unfair if you play against someone that has paid real life money for this game. They will be way better and here is where the games pay-to-win scheme comes into play.

There are a few ways to get gems. The first method is playing a lot of beat fever. When you level up you will obtain a few gems, but this is obviously not a lot of them since the developers want you to pay for in-app purchases. Our beat fever generator is the most easy method. You can simply enter your username into our generator and choose the amount of gems and gold you want. After the hack is completed you will be able to buy everything you want, and become the number 1 beater!

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Is it safe to use our beat fever cheat?

We claim this hack tool to be completely safe, since we have had no reports so far of users getting banned for using the generator. Of course we don't brag, but our programmers did an amazing job creating this gems generator. Our team is always ahead of the developers of the beat fever game. Therefore, there is no risk involved in generating free gems.

Our tool uses a rotating proxy server. This means that no one can see your real IP address, it's pretty much spoofed. When the game developers check your account they will see a fake IP address, not your real one. None of our competitors have this so please trust us that our Beat Fever Hack is the only safe one.

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As you have read, it is completely safe to use our beat fever hack, and it's very safe aswell. Using our proxy connection you can safely generate unlimited gems for your favorite game.

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